Monday, February 11, 2013

The Vine Frenzy

Taking off early this year is a new mobile app called Vine. It has been described as “Instagram with videos”, which pretty much sums it up from our perspective. What hasn’t been decided yet is the apps ability to spread from consumer to business. While Instagram is great for marketing retail items and for public relations, The Vine’s six second video allowance doesn’t give businesses a lot of talk time. 

The jury is still out on the person to person connection as well. Likeable Media put together some pros and problems for Vine, check them out and see what you think: 
Pro: Ability to find topics and people that are of interest to you
Problem: Pornography has been a huge problem, turning some people off completely

Pro: User Friendly
Problem: Instagram could add video to there feed and take away the Vine niche market

Pro: Videos can be embedded into Twitter feed
Problem: Because of the Twitter Facebook war, Facebook is not allowing a connection because The Vine is a Twitter offspring. This makes it hard to find friends.

Read full Likeable Media blog post here